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Abdominal Exerciser & Core Trainer

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The ABMAT® Abdominal Exerciser & Core Trainer takes the mystery and guesswork out of toning and sculpting abdominals. The classic design contours to the lower back providing support to the spine as it allows concentrated training with full range of motion capability that encourages proper technique to help avoid injury. Target the upper and lower abs, obliques, lower back or isolate specific muscle groups with core crunches or regular sit ups - it’s so versatile and really simple to use. What’s more, it’s compact and portable so it can go anywhere - home, gym, office or on the road – all you need is a mat or towel and you’re good to go! The ABMAT® is one size fits all and is the perfect tool for any fitness level: beginner, intermediate or expert.
Abdominal Exerciser & Core Trainer Features
  • Classic design offers comfort and safety to prevent injury.
  • Isolates upper and lower abs, obliques and lower spine.
  • Made of high-quality durable material that won’t absorb sweat.
  • Won’t roll around or move during exercise.
  • Compact and portable to take anywhere.
  • Available with or without DVD.
  • One size fits all.