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The Best Fitness BFFT10r Functional Trainer brings affordable functional training to all exercise levels. Its compact footprint fits almost anywhere. Adjustable pulleys have 19 vertical positions and swivel 180 degrees to provide a wide variety of starting positions. The 190lb. weight stack is challenging for most users. Use the chinning bar for pull ups.  Two adjustable nylon cable handles are included. Use additional handles for variety (not included). Note: The BFFT10r is the same as the BFF10, but updated with a red color.


  • Small footprint fits almost anywhere
  • 19 vertical pulley adjustments
  • Pulleys swivel 180 degrees
  • Single 190lb. weight stack
  • Integrated Straight Chinning Bar
  • Dimensions: 55" L x 61" W x  x 84" H
  • Weight: 318 lbs