Body-Solid Medicine Ball Package with 6 Balls, Rack

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  • Body-Solid GMR10 Medicine Ball Rack
  • 6 Premium Medicine Balls: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 Pounds


Body-Solid Premium Medicine Balls

Medicine balls are ideal for everyday use in strength and cardio training. Improve core strength, promote better balance, and cultivate coordination. The weighted strength-training ball works well for a wide range of upper- and lower-body workouts, including the classic medicine ball workout where you throw the ball back-and-forth with a gym buddy or personal trainer.  The ball comes with a textured finish, which helps ensure a safe, secure grip--whether holding it with bare hands or weight-training gloves. Better control means improved performance during workouts.


Body-Solid Vertical Medicine Ball Stand

The Body-Solid GMR10 Vertical Medicine Ball Stand provides storage for up to 6 medicine or dual grip medicine balls. The stand fits medicine balls from 2 to 16lbs. and dual grip medicine balls from 6 to 20lbs. The curved oval upright allows for easy access to every tier. Heavy gauge steel provides a stable and durable frame. Silver powder coat finish. At only 21” x 22” foot print, the GMR10 is compact and functional.


Weight: 84 lbs