Body-Solid Olympic Curl Bar, Black

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Bar curls are the fastest and easiest way to increase upper arm mass, strength, and definition. A proven favorite of bodybuilders everywhere, the curl bar is a favorite piece of training equipment in every gym.  The Body-Solid Curl Bar isolates and intensifies development of the bicep and forearm muscles. In addition to bar curls, this bar can perform other arm exercises like bar drops, overhead tricep extensions, reverse grip curls, 21's, upright rows, and varied grip curls.

  • Length: 47"
  • Black Finish
  • Knurled Grip
  • For Olympic Size 2" Dia. Hole Plates
  • Compatible with Olympic Size 2" Barbell Collars
  • Weight: 17 lbs.


Note: Product may vary from the photo above- some versions have plastic endcaps to cover a screw.

Note: Product no longer includes collars