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Fuel your lower body workouts with ENHERGY’s BFR Glute Bands for an even greater GLUTE PUMP! BFR training, also known as “Blood Flow Restriction” or “Occlusion Training”, is a method used by bodybuilders to increase muscle growth, and it is supported with over 25 years of research. 

This set includes:

  • Two (2) Pink OR Black BFR Glute Bands with velcro attachment
  • 1 mesh carrying bag
  • Choose between 30” for original length or 35'' extra long bands


Safety Note: Please don’t leave bands on for long periods of time, or wrap bands too tightly as it can cut off blood circulation.

The Pink BFR Glute Bands come with Velcro attachments for easy adjustment right beneath your glutes. With the right amount of compression, blood is partially prevented from leaving the working muscle which results in a swelling effect, as well as a build up of fluid that has been directly shown to stimulate more muscle growth. 

This is a great option for home workouts, and a good alternative to lifting heavy weights!