Powerline Adjustable Bench with Leg Hold

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The Powerline PFID130X is designed to allow proper form and positioning with its adjustable back pad, seat pad, and leg hold down.  The back pad has 4 quick and secure ladder style positions: -30 Decline, Flat, 45, 90 degree incline. The seat pad offers 3 positions: Flat, 15, and 30 degree inclines. The Leg Holder with foam rollers keeps you in place for sit ups or heavy workouts.

Add versatility to your bench with the optional Leg Developer Attachment GLDA1 and Preacher Curl Attachment GPCA1. Some pictures may show these optional attachments


  • 3 Seat Positions: Flat, 15, 30 Degrees
  • 4 Back Pad Positions: -30 Decline, Flat, 45, 90 Degrees
  • Leg Hold with Foam Rollers
  • Optional Leg Developer Attachment GLDA1
  • Optional Preacher Curl Attachment GPCA1
  • Dimensions: 55" L x 26" W x 21" H



Weight: 54 lbs