Pro ClubLine Modular Storage Rack with 3 Saddle Tiers

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Perfect for the storage needs of any facility, the new SDKR storage rack offers unparalleled flexibility for storage of dumbbells, kettlebells and medicine balls.  The Modular Storage Rack can hold 2 or 3 tiers, with any of four different shelves for small or large dumbbell, medicine ball or kettlebell storage. Mix and match to suit your specific needs. In addition the rack is infinitely expandable for larger facilities with more extensive storage needs.


  • Modular storage for dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls
  • Mix and Match any of 4 types of tiers
  • Expandable for any size facility
  • Heavy Gauge Oval Steel Mainframe
  • Body-Solid In-Home Warranty
  • Body-Solid Full Commercial Warranty
  • 32" L x 70" W x 43" H

Note: Weights and accessories shown above sold separately


Weight: 120 lbs