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Increase Your Explosiveness & Speed Bursts

The Speed Chute by Champion Sports is a wearable parachute constructed out of rip-stop nylon fabric designed to add an extra level of resistance to your exercise regimen. Attach the Chute to the adjustable waistband with a quick-release strap to detach mid stride. The Speed Chute will not only add intensity to your workout, but it will also increase your explosiveness, sprint speed, acceleration, and lower body strength. Its adjustable waistband belt fits waist sizes from 20”- 42”. Sizes are based off of individual dimension, exercise training and ability.

Speed Chute Features

  • Size: small (40" x 40"), medium (48" x 48"), large (56" x 56") or x-large (90" x 144").
  • Resistance: small (15 lbs.), medium (20 lbs.), large (30 lbs.) and x-large (50 lbs.).
  • Small ( < 170 lbs.), medium (170 lbs. to 210 lbs.), large and x-large (> 210 lbs.).
  • Adjustable waistband fits waist sizes 20" to 42".