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YORK “Multi-Hex” Deadlift Shrug Bar

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“Multi Hex” Deadlift / Shrug Bar

YORK BARBELL put a new spin on the traditional hex shaped deadlift/shrug bar. The “Multi-Hex” bar features an open design and two handle heights. Most notable is the “Rock & Rack” kickstand feature that functions like a bar jack enabling the user to load and unload plates with ease.

Multi-Hex Deadlift/ Shrug Bar-77 lbs

** Please note the weight of 151 lbs under additional information includes both the weight of the bar (77 lbs) and the weight to ship the product. The bar is singular, not double. **

Additional information

Weight 151 lbs
Dimensions 90 × 30 × 7 in
Footprint x x in